Overwatch anniversary skins leak early

Get an eyeful right here.

Keeping anything secret these days is incredibly hard, and that's even more of a problem when you're trying to coordinate multiple new character designs from a hugely popular game, in every country on Earth at the same time.

We've already had an official look at Tracer and Soldier: 76's new looks but, long story short, the Overwatch servers in Taiwan jumped the gun on the game's second anniversary event and put all three new Epic skins and eight Legendary skins up ahead of time.

And, this being the internet, the results were grabbed, saved and shared before you can say "explodey". And here they are...

Bastion (Legendary)

Brigitte (Legendary)

Doomfist (Legendary)

Junkrat (Legendary)

Tracer (Epic)

Lucio (Epic)

McCree (Legendary)

Orissa (Legendary)

Symmetra (Legendary)

Torbjorn (Legendary)

Soldier: 76 (Epic)

As you can see, Tracer, Lucio and Soldier: 76 all get new Epic skins, for 350 credits, while the others are Legendary and will cost 3000 credits. All Loot Boxes during the anniversary event will also have a chance to drop cosmetic items from previous events, making it a real free-for-all in terms of dressing up. Hey, it is a birthday party, right?

Overwatch's 2018 anniversary event starts tomorrow - May 22 - and runs until June 12.

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