Friday the 13th gets single player challenges this week

Ki-ki-ki, more more more

Illfonic's creaky but fun Friday the 13th multiplayer slash-em-up gets a major update this week, with the long awaited addition of single player challenge stages.

These Hitman-style sandbox levels put you in the grotty boiler suit of Jason and require you to meet specific criteria in order to win, such as only using a certain weapon to dispatch all the annoying counsellors.

The update will also introduce a new counsellor to the game's cast. Victoria Sterling, aka "the catty girl", unlocks at level 42 and is a rich brat, with high stamina and luck stats, but low strength and repair skills. Useful for evasion, not so useful for, you know, actually helping out. Fans have pointed out that she's fairly obviously based on the character of Melissa from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.

Other changes included a heavily rebalanced Part VII Jason, AI bot improvements for offline play, more tweaks to the hilariously wonky game engine and a dedicated matchmaking purgatory where rage-quitters will be banished together.

The free update drops on May 24 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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