DICE putting 'fun over authenticity' according to Battlefield producer

Battlefield V producer Aleksander Grondal addresses some of the backlash on Twitter.

Today, Battlefield V executive producer Aleksander Grøndal released a statement on Twitter that addresses complaints surrounding the game’s inclusion of female soldiers.

Following yesterday’s live reveal, gamers took to the net in protest citing historical inaccuracy as one of the main reasons why they’re unhappy with the game’s female characters. Complaints have ranged from confusion to outright anger at DICE’s perceived “pandering.”

According to Grøndal, though, DICE is a company that will “always put fun over authentic.” He went on to add that “a balance needs to be found” between fun and authentic and assured gamers that “the proof is in the pudding.” Grøndal also recommended sitting tight and waiting for more gameplay footage while hinting that fans might see Omaha Beach and El-Alamein in the future.

Grøndal’s tweet comes in the form of a quote thread by Game Informer Australia’s David Milner, who compiled a variety of Battlefield GIFs showcasing the game’s other inaccuracies. Namely how not everything is realistic, particularly in regards to game physics.

Controversy over the reveal trailer aside, EA released a piece of good news by confirming that Battlefield V won’t have a Premium Pass and all major post-release content will be free to all players. Taking it a step further, EA also announced that Battlefield V won’t have loot boxes and microtransactions will be restricted to cosmetic items.

Pre-order incentives aren’t going anywhere, though. Battlefield V is currently available for pre-order with the following pre-order bonuses on offer:

Base Edition:

  • Early Access to the Battlefield V beta
  • Immediate access to five Battlefield 1 weapons for use in Battlefield 1
  • 1 Paratrooper Outfit
  • Special Assignments

Deluxe Edition:

  • Early Access to the Battlefield V base game
  • 5 sets of Paratrooper Outfits
  • 20 Weekly Items with Airlift

Battlefield V is set to release on October 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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