Here's your first look at Far Cry 5's Vietnam DLC

Hours of Darkness arrives in just a few weeks.

Remember all those cigarette lighters you collected during cult-mashing romp Far Cry 5? Well, you're about to experience the story behind them, as the first of the game's promised DLC expansions lands for PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 5.

In this expansion you'll play as Wendell “Red” Redler, an old man by the time you met him in Hope County. In Hours of Darkness, he's still a young draftee in Vietnam, struggling to keep his squad alive and bring them all to a safe extraction point. Seems fair to assume things don't go according to plan.

There will be new skills and abilities, appropriate to the setting, and you'll be able to play the DLC solo or in co-op. When you first play it, you'll be in Survivor Mode, which limits your weaponry and ammo for a more realistic experience. After finishing it once, you can play it again in Action Movie Mode, which ups your arsenal to Rambo-style levels. 

Two more DLC drops are planned. Sci-fi spin-off Lost on Mars is due in July, while horror expansion Dead Living Zombies is set for August.

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