A Closer Look at the Paladins Spring Masters by Paladins Pro

The Paladins Pro YouTube channel offered fans a behind-the-scenes look at the Paladins Spring Masters 2018 event.

The Paladins Spring Masters 2018 LAN event featured 11 of the top professional Paladins teams from around the world, all competing for the grand prize of $40,000 and title of Paladins Spring Masters 2018 Champions.

Natus Vincere was able to walk away from the event with the $40,000 grand prize and championship title after defeating Fnatic 4-2 in the Grand Finals. The championship victory also saw Natus Vincere secure revenge against Fnatic, as the Paladins team of Natus Vincere had been knocked into the losers bracket with a 3-1 loss to Fnatic in the winners bracket finals.

While the high level of Paladins play by the best teams in the world was the main draw of the Paladins Spring Masters 2018, the event was able to bring together the Paladins community to share in experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. These experiences were the focus of an exclusive behind-the-scenes video courtesy of the Paladins Pro YouTube channel

Match highlights and upsets are all on prominent display in the behind-the-scenes recap of the Spring Masters 2018 event. The Spring Masters event marked a major halfway point marker of the professional season for the title. The highly anticipated event was also the first time the top teams from around the world were able to come together and compete in a LAN environment in preparation for the rest of the season.

One of the major upsets that had fans up on their feet was the 2-0 win by Spacestation Gaming over G2 Esports, as G2 Esports is considered to be one of the top teams in the professional scene for Paladins. However, multiple members of Spacestation Gaming explained how they approached the matchup the same way they would with any teams they compete against in Brazil.

Namely, not letting G2 Esports' reputation affect them in order to secure the victory. Europe had been seen as the top region in the scene for some time, but the Paladins Spring Masters 2018 event demonstrates that the rest of the world is catching up to Europe and that now any team, even pros like Fnatic, could suffer defeat if they come in unprepared.

Wrapping things up, the roster of Natus Vincere offered in-depth explainations into what the championship LAN victory meant for them and the challenges they had to overcome in order to achieve the momentous win. You can check out all of the action and unique behind-the-scenes content from the Paladins Spring Masters 2018 event in the video above, or on the Paladins Pro YouTube channel

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