Vampyr: How to Water the Plant, Unlock 'Unlife is Strange' Achievement

A step-by-step guide to water your plant and unlock the special Unlife is Strange achievement in Vampyr.

If you recently started playing Vampyr, you may be wondering how to water the plant found in Dr. Reid’s office. The task of watering the plant may seem familiar, as you were also responsible for a plant in Life is Strange. In fact, by successfully watering the plant in Vampyr, you’ll be able to unlock a special “Unlife is Strange” achievement.

Want to know more? Read on to find out how to water the plant and unlock the Unlife is Strange achievement in Vampyr!

How to Water the Plant in Vampyr

To unlock the Unlife is Strange achievement, you'll first need to find the plant in Vampyr.
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The first step to figuring out how to water the plant in Vampyr is locating the plant. The plant you’re able to water in Vampyr is located in Dr. Reid’s office at the Pembroke Hospital. If you walk to the back of the room, you’ll find a crafting workbench. Beside the workbench is a small potted plant. Interact with the plant to inspect it, causing Reid to remark that the plant is dying.

To save the plant, you’ll need to water it, but finding water for the plant in Vampyr isn’t that simple. To obtain water, you’ll need to head over to the West End district on the border between Whitechapel. This is an area you can’t wander into immediately as it’s filled with higher level enemies. It’s recommended that you wait until level 10 or higher before exploring this area.

Once you’ve leveled up, head to the West End and and obtain water. Next, return to the Pembroke Hospital and interact with the plant again. This will prompt Dr. Reid to water the plant. In three days, the plant will recover and you’ll officially unlock the Unlife is Strange achievement.

That’s all there is to it, simply locate the plant in Dr. Reid’s office, obtain water from the West End, then return to Dr. Reid’s office and use the water on the plant! Were you able to unlock the Unlife is Strange achievement? Are there any other achievements you’re having a hard time unlocking in Vampyr? Let us know down in the comments below!

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to water the plant in Vampyr and unlock the Unlife is Strange achievement.

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