The superb Wolfenstein 2 soundtrack sneak-releases on YouTube

We're already feeling that Nazi-punching nostalgia.

The stellar soundtrack to Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has had a surprise release on YouTube.

The soundtrack to last year's nazi-shooting extravaganza was due for official release on June 19 but appears to have cropped up a couple of weeks early on YouTube. We're not complaining.

The soundtrack is a wonderful mix of heart-thumping beats and delightfully catchy faux-german pop like Changeover Day, a song to celebrate the upcoming date after which everyone in the US will be forced to speak German. 

Produced by Mick Gordon (who also worked on the brilliant DOOM 2016 OST), Fredrik Thordendal and Martin Stig Andersen, there's really very little left to say other than go an get this in your eardrums right now. 

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