How much should you sell Tech dungeon items for in Moonlighter?

Discover what price to sell all items at from the final Tech dungeon in Moonlighter.

Moonlighter’s two jobs of shopkeeper and dungeon crawler work wonderfully in tandem, but after discerning the prices for the Golem, Forest and Desert dungeons, you’re probably just about done with Moonlighter’s value-guessing game. Don’t just throw prices out there wildly though, the Tech dungeon has the most valuable goods around and you won’t want to miss out on the earnings available.

(Looking for the Golem dungeon items? Here’s how much you should sell them for. Forest dungeon where you’re at? Here’s our price guide for that one! Don’t worry,we haven’t forgotten about the Desert dungeon either.)

Price your goods too low and shoppers will snap up the bargain, losing you a healthy chunk of cash. Too high and they’ll be unable to afford it. The tricky part comes when finding the highest price you can sell at while still keeping customers happy. Oversell an item by juuust too much and shoppers will be unhappy, losing interest in that particular good and not paying you a tip.

To help you out we’ve figured out the best prices to sell every item at for the game’s four main dungeons. This article is covering the Tech dungeon— that’s the fourth and final one you’ll get access to before tackling the big boss.

© Digital Sun Games
© Digital Sun Games

How much to sell Tech dungeon items for

The spreadsheet below will help you price every item from the Tech dungeon. You may be able to refine these prices to a small degree, but don’t worry too much about reaching the closest price to a single gold coin. The time you’ll waste doing this simply isn’t worth the return you get for selling goods faster and getting back out there to collect more.

Item name

Best price

Flux Energy Jottings


Tech History I


Tech History II


Tech History III


AC Adapter


Power Supply


Argon Bottle


Welding Gun


Triple Cell Battery


Tungsten Reel


Copper Reel


Vacuum tube


Wolfram Rock


Treated Wood


Tesla Coil Engine


Energy Capacitor


Welding rods


Broken Battery




Plastic Film


Gold Strands




Conductor Metal


Crystal Shards


Feel free to tweak the prices slightly to further improve your income, especially for some of the rarer goods — we’ll be updating our own list if we find a better deal. Remember that any items you place under fancy glass cabinets can be sold for much more than their standard price, provided you’ve got generous customers arriving.

Speaking of who’s in your shop, thieves can be a real pain your mercantile rear. Stop them from hurting your valuable business by reading our guide on how to stop thieves in Moonlighter.

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