New Metro Exodus trailer revealed, confirmed release date

Find out when you can get your hands on Metro Exodus.

At E3 2018, the Microsoft Press Conference contained a wide variety of new trailer reveales including one for Metro Exodus. A brand new trailer for the game dropped showcasing some intense gameplay. More of the exterior world was shown, giving players a better idea of the gritty post-apocalyptic Moscow they'll be exploring. 

In addition to terrain, new enemies and monsters were highlighted along with the new modular weapons system in Metro Exodus. As the trailer came to a close, a confimed release date appeared onscreen: February 22, 2019. Wondering what the song in the new Metro Exodus trailer is? Apparently, the song playing in the background of the Metro Exodus trailer is Angel by Massive Attack.

A great choice of music to set the tone, and an amazing trailer fully capable of getting you pumped for Metro Exodus. For more information, be sure to check out the trailer above, visit the official Metro Exodus website, and stay tuned for more news here at AllGamers! 

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