What is Halo Infinite?

Everything we know about the latest entry in the Halo series, Halo Infinite.

At the 2018 Microsoft Press Conference, one of the first (and arguably biggest) reveals was for a new Halo game called Halo Infinite. The reveal trailer was somewhat vague, prompting many to wonder what Halo Infinite really is. While we don't know much about Halo Infinite, based on the trailer and comments from members of Xbox and 343, we do have enough to speculate over.

So, what is Halo Infinite? Let's take a closer look! 

What is Halo Infinite?

Aside from the return of Master Chief, what can players expect from Halo Infinite? 
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Halo Infinite is the latest installment in the Halo series. It's currently being developed by 343 Industries and runs using the new Slipspace Engine. In the trailer, we catch glimpses of what appears to be a brand new ecosystem. The environment is beautiful, rich with nature. Aside from the confirmation that Master Chief will be returning in Halo Infinite, we also get to see marines taking the scenery in. 

While there's no confirmed release date for Halo Infinite, we do know that it will be released on Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. Additionally, we uncovered commentary on Halo Infinite via and article on Polygon. According to a YouTube Libe interview with Aaron Greenberg, games marketing GM for Xbox, Halo Infinite is a brand new chapter in the Halo saga.

"This is an entirely new chapter in the Halo saga. What we did was an in-engine demonstration. The Slipspace Engine is new. 343 has built this purposefully to take Halo in a whole new direction. It's a story that centers on Master Chief. I think you saw visually some of the capabilities of the engine. We're excited to share more, but for now... there's a new Halo coming, it's Halo Infinite, and it features a focus on Master Chief, which I think will be received well by fans." 

In regards as to whether or not Halo Infinite is Halo 6, Greenberg explained: "This is the next Halo game. Think of this as moving from the numbering to let's do something completely different."

Chris Lee, 343 Industries studio head, later confirmed the return of Master Chief and Halo Infinite's presence as the next series entry (Halo 6) in an article posted to Halo Waypoint.

"The team also heard feedback loud and clear on the amount of time spent playing as the Master Chief in Halo 5. In Halo Infinite, the game will focus on the Master Chief and continue his saga after the events of Halo 5.

That's all we know about Halo Infinite so far. You can recap the reveal trailer above, and be sure to stay tuned for more info on Halo Infinite as updates are posted. In the meantime, are you excited about the return of Master Chief? Let us know your thoughts about what you think Halo Infinite is down in the comments below! 

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