Tunic is a cutesy Zelda-lite adventure


Tunic hopes to bring top-down Zelda charm to the Xbox in a foxy action adventure.

Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference was packed with heavy-hitting AAA games to draw the eye. However, if you looked a little closer you may also have spotted several gorgeous indie titles poking their heads up from the cracks. Tunic was one such game, and though its trailer was brief, we couldn't help but get drawn in. 

Styled on the isometric zelda games of old (or more recently, the handheld 3DS titles), Tunic lets you control an adorable little tunic-clad fox as he explores a delightful blocky world, solving puzzles and tackling a variety of enemy creatures. The game is a clear love letter to the Zelda franchise, with our little fox's clothing, sword and shield drawing inspiration from Link's garb and iconic weaponry.

Created by a solo developer named Dicey, Tunic is being helped to publication by Finji, the studio behind Night in the Woods. It's also worth noting that the soundtrack for the game will be produced by Lifeformed, whose previous work includes the excellent Dustforce soundtrack.

The trailer only gave us a brief glimpse at Tunic in action, but fortunately IGN has already uploaded 10 minutes of gameplay you can check out below. 

We'll update you with any more news/footage of Tunic as it arrives. Don't forget to check out the rest of our E3 coverage to keep up with the latest AAA and indie gaming reveals.

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