Babylon's Fall is a new title from PlatinumGames

What could it all mean?

Square Enix has revealed a new game by PlatinumGames titled Babylon's fall.

So far we've only got a brief trailer  showing some different regions on a map and key events in history, followed by some brief CGI combat. It looks like we'll be engaging in medieval styled fantasy combat, with one character showing off an interesting magical tether to steal his opponent's weapon. That's not a lot to go on yet, but we're sure there are a more than a few hints about the world and what we'll be doing hidden in in the earlier map sections in the trailer.

Either way, anything from the developers of the superb Nier Automata and Bayonetta games is well worth paying attention to. As masters of combat we can't wait to see what they've come up with this time round. We'll hopefully hear more in the coming days and update you with anything we find out. For now be sure to check back with us for the E3 updates and gaming announcements.

Babylon's Fall is set for release in 2019 on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

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