Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer reveals Jade as the baddy, gameplay too

Prequel will also use fan contributions to build world.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 resurfaced at Ubisoft's E3 presentation today, showing off more little tidbits of the story and pitting Pey'j against Jade as the previous game's protagonist takes on a darker role.

Pre-alpha gameplay also showed a fairly polished world with flying spaceships and bo staff combat making their return. No word on when the game will arrive, but there were a few more slightly odd arrivals on the stage.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt came on to introduce the HitRecord initiative which will allow fans to have their art showcased in the game itself. Yes, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the one from the films.

HitRecord is an initiative that pays contributors for their work, so this seems like a pretty cool way of getting your work in one of the most anticipated games of all time.

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