The Last of Us Part 2 first gameplay trailer is all kisses and killing

Here's that whiplash you ordered.

Ellie is still a murder machine in The Last of Us Part II, but the gameplay trailer shown at Sony's E3 showcase today also shows a softer side to the story.

Cut into a tender barn dance scene as a flashback (or forward), The Last of Us Part II's continuation of Ellie's story shows her fighting her way through a tense encounter against multiple enemies. (As a side note, the barn the trailer begins in is an almost exact replica of the ones journalists were standing in as the trailer aired, adding a weird creepiness to proceedings).

The extremly brutal scenes show that the world Ellie survives in is not at all as comforting as the scene the fight cuts into, which can be a bit jarring in this trailer format. However given the pedigree the game exists on, this violence is rarely without context so expect some mature themes to go with those mature scenes.

Here's the trailer, and honestly it's not E for Everyone for good reason:

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