Fortnite Champions Tour heading to 50 cities over 50 weeks

Tournament series could kick off Epic's $100m esports investment plans.

Update: Epic Games has denied they have any affiliation with the Fortnite Champions Tour, as PR director Nick Chester stated he had "never seen this before."

The jury is still out on who exactly is planning this weekly event, then, but whoever it is has the budget (or cojones) to use trademarked branding on their promotional truck.

Original story: Hints of a competitive Fortnite circuit have been spotted ahead of E3 this week as trucks emblazoned with Fortnite Champions Tour were snapped around the Los Angeles venue.

Epic Games promised a $100 million investment in Fortnite's burgeoning esports scene last month, and it would appear they may be making good on that offer with a weekly tour of competitive play.

The Fortnite Champions Tour truck, caught on camera by FaZe Clan member Dennis 'Cloak' Lepore, suggests games will take place in 50 cities across 50 Sundays, syncing up with that first year investment Epic had planned.

Epic Games has a considerable presence at E3 this year, including a Pro-Am tournament set to take place on Tuesday where several large announcements are slated to take place.

One of which, that Fortnite will soon be playable on the Nintendo Switch, has already made its way out into the wild, and it seems the leaks don't stop there.

To keep up with more news and the latest E3 2018 trailers, check out our hub where we'll of course be bringing you more Fortnite news as it happens, too.


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