First Mario Odyssey speedruns set record under 90 minutes

On your marks, get set, wait you've already finished?

Super Mario Odyssey’s superb critical acclaim hasn’t dazzled speedrunners enough to stop them setting some crazy times for the game already, with the current record under 90 minutes.

The leader at time of writing is IMtendo, who has completed the game in 1:24:28. You can expect that top spot to be a tightly contested race, however, as a huge number of runners flock to the new title hunting down tips and tricks to lower their time. IMtendo clearly sees room for improvement as he submits his run with the message: “Good run with the routes used. Hopeuflly gonna improve by ~2 min later.” You can check out the run yourself below.

Speedrunning is a highly collaborative community, and we love to see them at work. We’re looking forward to the advanced tricks runners will have created by the time 2018’s Games Done Quick event swings around.

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