Report: Microsoft's next gen Xbox slated for 2020 release

Update: Nope! Microsoft contacted us to inform the date was mistranslated.

Update: Microsoft has contacted us to inform that there is no announced date for the next generation of Xbox consoles. The 2020 date appears to have come from a mistranslation of Hinton's comments in the original article. Microsoft's statement is as follows: "This is a translation error. We have not announced any timeframe."

So to reaffirm, while Codename Scarlett is certainly a thing and could refer to a family of devices, no timeline has yet to be set by Microsoft.

Original article:

Microsoft's next gen Xbox won't arrive until 2020, according to internal documentation seen by reporters at tech site Thurrott this weekend.

Codename Scarlett, an internal project working on the next console to come after Xbox One's extended lifecycle, is apparently due to come to fruition within the next two years. Documentation also revealed that Codename Scarlett is a "family of devices" suggesting that there could be multiple pieces of hardware released in 2020.

Lending credence to the rumors, Xbox Asia business lead Jeremy Hinton brought up the project while speaking with Korean gaming outlet GameMeca. Below, you'll find GameMeca's translated report.

"Lastly, Hinton made an announcement in regards to the surprise news about the next Xbox which was announced on the 10th during the Xbox showcase. Many engineers are working hard to announce the new console by next year and doing their best to announce it as soon as possible. However, he said if there is no awareness of crisis or clear policy to improve the Xbox market in the country, it should not be forgotten that releasing the new console could be an obstacle to success."

Apparently, engineers plan to announce the console next year according to Hinton. Given Microsoft's E3 conference had a slew of games slated for the 2019 release window, it's possible this could be their final push in this console lifecycle, with a Halo game to cap off the Xbox One era.

Halo Infinite's reveal of a brand new engine in use at 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios, the Slipspace Engine, could also fuel speculation that this Halo title could be a cross-gen title. The forensic investigators over at Digital Foundry have also found some suggestion that this could be the case, though obviously all the studios involved are staying very tight-lipped at the moment.

As for what a "family of devices" could entail, Microsoft also made a big deal of improving their streamed gaming services during Sunday night's conference. And given the way the Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the way people think about handheld and home consoles, there's merit in considering a multiple device solution that allows you to step away from the TV (which would be an incredible about-face from Microsoft's original Xbox One pitch all those E3s ago).

Thurrott journalist Brad Sams questions whether Scarlett is a truly next gen console iteration, or whether it is further extension of the Xbox One family with an upgraded current gen console, compatible with today's software.

"As with any leak this far out, timing and plans can change but I was able to verify the information I viewed as being authentic and fully believe that the company is on-track to release the new console in two years," says Sams, who has more than 10 years' experience reporting on consumer technology stories.

To keep up with more news at E3 2018, and all the latest trailers, check out our hub for coverage from the Los Angeles Convention Center.


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