Microsoft reveals PUBG Xbox One release date

But the Xbox One build will be slightly behind the PC for now.

Just when we were starting to wonder whether a delay announcement was in the offing, Microsoft and Bluehole finally confirmed that the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will hit the Xbox Game Preview program on December 12, priced $29.99.

Speaking at Paris Games Week, Brendan Greene and colleagues said that the Xbox One X version would sport HDR enhancements initially, with 4K support to arrive later.

However, Xbox One owners will initially be playing a slightly older version of the game than the cutting-edge builds on PC.

"While the Xbox Game Preview version will be launching with vaulting included, it won't have the desert map for a while yet," Greene told Eurogamer in Paris.

"Mainly because we need to test it and fix it, it's still in early development and while we're showcasing it for PC it will still require months of work to really polish it off and find those niggly areas on the map. It's just the way it goes with open world development."

Greene said that the team "aim to have the same experience across both platforms, while right now the two builds are on slightly different roadmaps".

"It's our goal at the end of the day to keep them aligned and keep the same experience across both platforms."

He also said that he expected a "pretty regular update cadence for Xbox" in terms of patches.


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