PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds introduces new 'Event Pass'

Unlock new items and track your progress in PUBG.

This Friday, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will implement a new “Event Pass” progression system that includes a variety of unlockable rewards. Event Pass will launch alongside the release of the new Sanhok map on PC, with the first Event Pass offering being Sanhok related and lasting an estimated four weeks.

At first glance, PUBG’s Event Pass feels vaguely reminiscent of the “Battle Pass” in Fortnite or the “Rocket Pass” coming to Rocket League sometime later this summer. Especially with the rewards you can unlock while leveling up and the fact that Event Pass will also feature free and premium options. However, PUBG’s Event Pass looks as though it will release with a more intense focus on gameplay missions.

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According to PUBG Corp., the game’s Event Pass will have “dozens of missions, including daily missions, weekly missions, and Sanhok-specific missions.” As PUBG players complete these missions, they’re able to unlock rewards which are not tradable or marketable.

Players who don’t pay for premium versions of Event Pass will also be able to “temporarily unlock many items” while those who do opt to pay for the premium Event Pass can permanently unlock “a ton of exclusive reward items.” Because your mission progress is tracked, you’re able to upgrade the Event Pass later on and keep the rewards you earn.

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Pricing for PUBG’s premium Event Pass has yet to be specified, though it may be priced similarly to Fortnite and Rocket League’s premium passes at $9.99. It seems the PUBG Event Pass intends to offer a balance between the company’s desire to release new content along with a trackable progression system for players. PUBG’s Event Pass is set to go live alongside the Sanhok update on PC this Friday.

What do you think of the Event Pass in PUBG? Will you try it out, or do you think there needs to be more incentive?

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