World of Tanks Celebrates 100 Years of Tanks

Celebrate in World of Tanks with new medals and emblems.

The first tank to ever roll onto the battlefield was the Mark I, during the Battle of Somme in World War I. This year commemorates 100 years since this historic event took place. World of Tanks is celebrating this milestone with the 100 Years of Tanks event, which is currently underway and concludes on September 19th

Players can earn commemorative medals and emblems in-game for participating in the 100 Years of Tanks event mission each week.  The weekly mission consists of three main steps. First, players must earn 30,000 XP during any number of random battles in a Tier IV vehicle or higher, Monday through Sunday. 

With the first step fulfilled, players must then complete the specified weekly mission listed for the 100 Years of Tanks event for that given week. Like the previous step, these weekly missions can be completed over any number of random battles, in a Tier IV vehicle or higher. The weekly challenges are as follows: 

  • Week 1: Deal 50,000 damage to enemy vehicles.
  • Week 2: Earn 50,000 assisted damage through spotting
  • Week 3: Block 50,000 damage
  • Week 4: Destroy 50 enemy vehicles
  • Week 5: Damage at least 150 enemy vehicles

Once the previous two steps are completed, players must hop online to play a battle from September 19-29 in order to receive their event reward. Medals and emblems will be awarded after the end of the event. Check the Missions tab above the Crew in your Garage to see the mission requirements and event details each week. 

Along with the 100 Years of Tanks celebration, Wargaming has also recently announced that Swedish vehicles will be added to World of Tanks in the near future, with the first Swedish vehicle arriving in Update 9.16 sometime this Fall. We will be sure to keep you up to date with any additional details.


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