The World of Tanks 9.16 Public Test is Now Available

Test out new features in the latest World of Tanks public test.

World of Tanks players have been anxious to get their hands on the new features coming to Update 9.16. As of today, players can now test out some of these anticipated features in the newly released World of Tanks Public Test server. This is a good opportunity to provide the developers with valuable feedback to improve the content prior to launch. 

The public test is available to all players who have been registered on the game in the past two weeks. There is no skill requirement for being a tester. The goal is to offer World of Tanks players a say in the development process in order to address potential issues ahead of the update’s release. 

The new Paris map features a gritty urban landscape.

The update will add a number of new features to the game, as well as several mechanical improvements and Garage changes. Here are some of the new additions coming to World of Tanks in Update 9.16: 

  • Access to the Strv m/42-57, the first Swedish tank to roll into World of Tanks since the announcement of the Swedish tech tree at Gamescom this year.
  • A new urban map set in Paris, which features recognizable landmarks and structures such as the Eiffel Tower.
  • Battle Chat modifications that alleviate some problems caused by cross-team chat behaviors.
  • The ability to restore vehicles or crew that you’ve accidentaly dismissed or sold.
  • Better spotting mechanics that allow you to spot enemies more quickly and efficiently.
  • The ability to compare vehicles within the Garage, allowing for better understanding of tanks and the effects of Crew Skills, equipment, and perks.
  • A new minimap format, which includes adjustments to existing minimaps as well as the addition of missing ones. 

To participate in the World of Tanks Public Test, all you need to do is download the Test Client and login using the same Wargaming credentials that you would use in the regular game. Details on how to access the public test server can be found on the World of Tanks website.


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