What Do All The Symbols Mean In World of Tanks?

An explanation of what each symbol means in World of Tanks

There are a whole lot of symbols, shapes, and icons in World of Tanks and it can be difficult to learn what they are, but being able to read them at a glance is important during combat. Here’s a breakdown of the symbols you’ll see in World of Tanks and what they mean!

Diamonds, Triangles, and Squares

Whenever you inspect a tank, you will note a symbol appears next to it in the Garage screen and during a battle, specifically on the map. These symbols are means of quickly assessing what sort of tank is around you as they represent the tank type. There are five tank types each with its own symbol. It can be difficult at first to remember these, but here are some silly ways I’ve helped train myself:

  • Diamond: A Diamond represents a Light tank, this is going to be the most common for your first few matches, so it should be easy enough to remember
  • Diamond with one break: A diamond divided by a single break is a Medium Tank.
  • Diamond with two breaks: Heavy Tank
  • Triangle: A triangle represents a Tank Destroyer. A triangle is sharp and would deal a lot of damage, just like a Tank Destroyer.
  • Square: If you see a square it means someone is using an SPG or “Arty” as people in-game like to call them. Squares look big and bulky, difficult to move, just like an SPG.

By learning these symbols, you will be able to quickly assess the map. If you’re using a Light Tank and you see an enemy Triangle on the map, you’ll immediately know it’s a Tank Destroyer and should either stay out of view or use your speed to out-maneuver its turret traversal speed.

Roman Numerals, Wreath, Red Stars

Each tank in the Garage screen will have an array of symbols on them, some will just have the above symbols while others will have red stars, wreaths, and countdowns. Here’s what they mean.

  • Roman Numerals: Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, etc.) are used to indicate the tier level of any given tank. A tank with the Roman numeral VIII means it is a Tier 8 tank.
  • Wreath: Sometimes the above Roman numerals have a Golden Wreath around them. These Golden Wreaths indicate that the given tank has achieved Elite Tank status. To reach this status the tank must have all of its modules researched as well as all tanks connected to it researched. It’s no small feat, but once this is done the tank will become Elite and will be capable of earning Free Experience.
  • Red Star: A tank that has a red star followed by an “x Number” beside it means it is earning x-amount of bonus experience when used. For instance, a tank with “x 3” means it will be earning three times the amount of experience it usually would.

Crew Members Icon

Even though a crew member can do more than one job within a tank, they will still have a primary role represented by an icon. These are the following icons and what they represent:

  • Binoculars: Commander
  • Crosshair: Gunner
  • Gear: Driver
  • Dot Pulse: Radio Operator
  • Shells: Loader

When you first start your World of Tanks career, the amount of information you need to absorb can be overwhelming. Understanding the meaning behind all of the symbols and icons in World of Tanks gets easier with time, so just keep referring to our list until it sticks!

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