World of Tanks Convoy Game Event Now Underway

Escort the Mark I to victory in this game mode for a limited time.

The first tank rolled onto the battlefield one hundred years ago today, leaving a lasting impact on warfare as we know it. To celebrate this historic moment, World of Tanks has released Convoy, a special in-game event that includes a series of new missions for a limited time. 

Click on the Mark I from your new Garage screen to read about the very first tank.

The Convoy game mode takes place on September 15th, 1916 in the fields of Somme, France, when the Mark I tank made its momentous appearance for the first time. The Mark I will spawn with one of the two teams. Players must either escort the Mark I to the enemy base, or attempt to stop the tank in its tracks, depending on which side the tank spawns on.  The opposing team must pick up and plant explosives on the Mark I to disable it, as the tank cannot be damaged from enemy fire. The tank’s team can attempt to repair the Mark I by using Repair Kits that randomly spawn throughout the area.  Defenders win either by preventing the Mark I from reaching their base, or by completely destroying the tank along the way.

All players utilize the Lanchester Armored Car, and this vehicle will be automatically available within the Garage. Respawns are unlimited, so killing all of the players on the opposing team does not end the round. Try to focus your efforts on completing the main objective by grabbing Bombs or Repair Kits and protecting teammates who are carrying these items. 

Tips for Playing Convoy 

Since this game mode is quite different from the standard tank warfare of World of Tanks, there are a few things you should keep in mind when playing this mode to ensure your team’s success. 

Prepare to Get Rammed

Since the Lanchester Armored Car is fast and rather unwieldy, players tend to run into one another a lot in this game mode. Ramming into an enemy is also a good way to damage their suspension and limit their mobility. Equip the Light Spall Liner ahead of time on your Lanchester to partially protect your vehicle from ramming damage. 

Grab the Special Ammo

The Lanchester Armored Car comes with standard ammunition, but there are ways to give yourself a bit of extra firepower. Several special ammunition types will regularly spawn throughout the map. If you see yellow smoke around a canister marked with a question mark, pick up the canister as soon as possible. These canisters provide special bonuses that temporarily increase your fire rate and damage output for a limited time. Grab these special ammo cans before the enemy does and be sure to put it to good use! 

Enhance Your Repair Capabilities

Fast repairs can be really helpful during Convoy. Make sure some of your Lanchester crew are trained in the Repairs Skill to accelerate repairs on your vehicle. Combine this with Small or Large Repair Kits and mount a Toolbox on your Lanchester to maximize your repair capabilities during each Convoy match. 

Pay Attention to Bomb and Repair Kit Spawns

Convoy largely depends on a team’s ability to pick up Bombs or Repair Kits in a timely fashion. Since you know your opponents will be rushing toward these items as well, keep an eye on the Bomb and Repair Kit spawns and prepare to intercept any incoming enemies before they make it to the Mark I.

The Convoy event is available from September 15th to October 5th. This should be plenty of time to complete the designated Convoy missions as well. Check the Missions tab above the tank crew on the main game screen for details on each Convoy mission and award. Let us know if you’ve been enjoying the World of Tanks Convoy event!


Larryn is a full-time editor who has written guides and editorial features for various gaming websites. She is obsessed with Witcher 3 and is known to put hot sauce on everything.

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