Tank Destroyer Week Features M56 Scorpion Bundles

Grab M56 Scorpion or AC1 Sentinel bundles all week long.

World of Tanks is hosting another weekly class event that focuses on improving with a particular tank type. Tank Destroyers are the featured tank class for this week, meaning there are new Tank Destroyer bundles available for purchase as well as TD-themed missions to help players practice with this class. 

Players can pick up sale bundles for the M56 Scorpion Premium Tank Destroyer for a limited time, which include Fully Loaded and Ultimate bundle options. The M56 Scorpion is a Tier 7 American Premium tank that has impressive firepower, but fairly low armor. It's a true glass-cannon on the battlefield, so adjust your playstyle accordingly. This Tank Destroyer has decent penetration, damage, precision, and gun depression values, making it ideal for sniping.

If you’re in the market for a new Medium tank instead, there are standard and Fully Loaded bundle options for the AC1 Sentinel in the Premium Shop as well. The sale continues all week long, and concludes on September 26th at 4:20 PST / 7:20 EST. 

During the weekend, the top ten XP earners on a team will earn double Crew XP all weekend long, starting from September 16th and ending on September 19th. If you’ve just bought a new Tank Destroyer bundle or have tank crew in need of training, now is the time to start accumulating extra Crew XP to accelerate training for your novice crew members. 

In addition to the sale, there are also new Tank Destroyer Daily Missions available within the Missions tab that encourage players to hone their skills using this high-powered tank class. Players who are running low on Gold have the option to rent a Tank Destroyer by completing one of two Tank Rental Missions this week. Players who accumulate a certain amount of XP in Tiers 5 and up over any number of battles will have the option to rent the Dicker Max (20,000 XP) or the M56 Scorpion (45,000 XP) Premium tanks. These Tank Destroyer missions conclude on September 23rd.


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