Reddit User TPPheasant Seeks To Help Others in World of Tanks

French Heavies aren’t the easiest to use. Luckily there are some helpful players out there.

Requesting assistance on how to play a specific tank or even an entire nation in World of Tanks is a common occurrence and thanks to the supportive community, it’s a question that receives support. Reddit user TPPheasant is one of those individuals who look to help the community with their questions regarding French heavies. In their post over on Reddit they pose the question, “what would you like to know about French heavys?” The purpose of this question is to assist TPPheasant in creating a guide video on how to effectively use the tanks found within the French line, a problem many World of Tanks users may experience during their career.

So far, the responses have been extremely positive with users discussing specific items and ideas they would like covered. Reddit user Notorious_JTB suggests covering crew skill progression, and as you would know from our Crew Skills overview, there are several skills and perks to choose from and training them in the correct order can be difficult. Another user by the name of TheLazyBassist comments on their struggles with the B1, a French Tier 4 Heavy Tank. TPPheasant is quick to respond with a small teaser at what they’re working on, specifically that the B1 will get dominated by a Tier 6 tank, but one way to combat this is to ensure you are utilizing your frontal armor.

Other users have commented on the fact that the recent T-44-100 mission has caused them to venture into the French line and while they’ve enjoyed the earlier tiers, the later tiers are causing a few problems. TPPheasant definitely seems to know what they’re on about, we’re looking forward to seeing what they deliver when their video goes live. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on when the video goes live. I know I’d be interested in improving my French skills. What sort of tips would you like to see in a French Heavy tank guide?

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