What Everything on the Garage Screen Means

Here’s what all the icons on the Garage Screen mean

When you first start your World of Tanks career it can be difficult to know what everything in the Garage screen means. Understanding the Garage screen can take some time, but we’ve gone ahead and gathered all the relevant information. Here’s everything you need to know about the Garage screen in World of Tanks.

The Garage Screen

Garage Screen Highlights
Garage Screen Highlights

  1. Username and Account Type

In the first box you will find three options: settings, username, and account type. The Gear brings up the main menu where you can access the settings, disconnect from the server, and quit World of Tanks. Your username allows you to view your clan and manage your Personal Reserves. Personal Reserves are timed buffs that increase your Experience gained on your vehicle or crew. Standard Account/Premium Account lets you know whether your account is Standard or Premium. A Premium Account comes with a whole host of benefits. By clicking the Account button you will be able to upgrade your account to Premium.

  1. Missions

Missions is where you can find quests and tasks that you can complete during battles. These include introductory tasks like purchasing your first tank or researching a module. You can use the Missions button to view special missions released by Wargaming, such as the monthly Best of the Best task that rewards perseverance with in-game items.

  1. Crew Member List

Crew members for your current tank are displayed below the Missions button. There is a small button above the crew templates that lets you Retrain your Crew, Return Crew to Vehicle, or Send Crew to Barracks. The crew members display their Proficiency with the tank for which they are using. By right-clicking a crew member, you are able to select their Personal File in order to access their Service Record, Training, Skills etc. Left-clicking a crew member lets you swap them with another crew member that is in the Barracks or another vehicle.

  1. Sorting Buttons

The first of these three buttons is used to sort your tanks by certain parameters. This is useful for those players who have a large quantity of tanks as it will let you show only what you want to see. For instance, you can select for only Tier 7 Medium Tanks from USA. The next button is the Hide/Show Bonus Experience. Some tanks in your Garage will have x2 Bonus Experience Modifiers enabled so that when you use them you gain twice as much experience. The final button is the Hide/Show Primary Vehicles. If you have a lot of tanks you can select which ones are your Primary Vehicles to help find them quickly.

  1. Garage Slots and Tanks

This is where your available tanks are displayed. The space is also where the above parameters affect what is shown. These slots will more than likely be full of Tier 1 tanks when you first start your World of Tanks career, but as you progress you will sell and purchase new tanks which will be found here. You can right-click a tank to bring up an options menu. The green outline indicates what tank you are currently viewing in the Garage.

  1. Modules, Equipment, Shells/Ammunition, and Consumable

This box highlights the selected tank’s modules, consumables, shells, and ammunition. The first five boxes are the tank’s different modules starting with the gun, then turret, engine, tracks and ending on radio. The following boxes are for the Equipment that can be purchased for vast quantities of Silver. The next boxes are the different munition types available for your tank. The final set of boxes are for in-game consumables like repair kits for the tank, health kits for your crew, and fire extinguishers to put out any spontaneous fires that start in your tank during combat.

  1. Service and Exterior

Service allows you to replenish your tank's ammunition and consumables. Exterior allows you to add decals and paintworks to your vehicle. 

  1. Tank Statistics

On the right-hand side of the screen are your selected vehicle’s name, tier, tank type, Research button, Combat Experience and statistics. The Research button takes you to the tank’s tech tree where you are able to research and purchase new modules. The silver star and number represents how much Combat Experience the tank has, allowing you to research new modules. Firepower is how much damage the tank deals. Survivability is the armor and hit points of the tank. Mobility is how fast the tank moves. Concealment is how good the tank is at remaining hidden in bushes. Spotting is how efficient the tank is at spotting other vehicles.

  1. Gold, Silver, Free Experience

Gold, Silver, and Free Experience are either purchased or earned after each battle or from converting experience accrued on Premium tanks. Clicking the Gold will take you to a page where you can purchase Gold. Silver shows how much Silver you currently have. Clicking this allows you to trade Gold for Silver. This is useful if you do not have enough Silver to purchase a module or tank but do not want to spend time playing Battles. Free Experience is how much Free Experience you have from Battles or Conversions. Clicking this allows you to Convert experience on Premium Tanks into Free Experience.

  1. Create a Platoon, Start Battle, Game Mode

Create Platoon lets you form a group of three players that you take with you into battles. The Battle button launches you and your Platoon into a chosen game mode which can be changed by clicking on the right-most button, Random Battle. The Random Battle button allows you to select what sort of battle you wish to play. This option allows you to do Training Modes, Clan Battles, and standard Battles.

  1. Areas of the Garage

These six sections take you to the appropriate place in the Garage and are used to do such things as: purchase vehicles, recruit new crew, or inspect a nation’s tank tech tree. Garage is the main screen you will see throughout your World of Tanks career. From the Garage screen you can access every part of the game.

Armory lets you look through the store in a linear fashion without worrying about the Tech Tree. Using the Armory allows you to see what a tank would look like with different modules mounted.

Service Record is an overview of your World of Tanks career where you can find statistics on your performance, awards, and what tanks you own.

Tech Tree allows you to see each nation’s entire tank line-up. This is useful in planning what tank you wish to work towards. It allows you to research and purchase new modules and tanks.

Barracks are where your crew members are stored when not in use. It also shows you crew that are presently in tanks. You can use the barracks to view a crew member in order to see their statistics, training, skills, and Personal Data where you can rename them and change their appearance.

Stronghold is where you can create or join other clans and challenge clans to battles. Out of all these options you will likely spend the majority of your time in the Garage screen or in the Tech Tree deciding what tank to research next.

The Garage screen has a lot of information on it and it can be difficult to understand what everything means when you first start World of Tanks. Read through this as many times as you need to, because it’s got everything you need to know about the Garage screen in World of Tanks.

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