How To Train and Transfer Crew Between Tanks

How to train and transfer your crew members between tanks, why you would want to do this, and what it costs.

Crew members are the foundation of a well-functioning tank and as such any underperforming tank can be lifted by transferring a well-performing crew into the vehicle. Be aware that you can only transfer a crew member between like-Nation vehicles.

Reasons to Transfer Crew

Retrain for a new tank
Retrain for a new tank

Whenever you purchase a new tank you have the option to hire a new crew along with it. This is always recommended as it can be helpful to have spare crew available. However, this new crew will have no unlocked Skills or Perks, meaning the tank won’t function as well as others. To alleviate some of this pressure you can use some of your older crew to help lift the tank’s performance. You will need to retrain the crew to use the new vehicle, but they will retain their Perks and Skills. The Perks and Skills will be greyed out until the crew reaches 100 percent Proficiency once again. This is due to Perks and Skills requiring 100 percent Proficiency to unlock.

If you have crews in the Barracks with no Skills or Perks but a high Proficiency, it can be worthwhile transferring these crew members into a new tank instead of hiring new recruits. New recruits, unless specifically paid for, will have a lower Proficiency than those you already own. Even if you have to retrain the ones you own, they will still have a higher Proficiency than a batch of new recruits.

How to Transfer Crew

Send to barracks
Send to barracks

Select the Tank with the entire crew or crew member you wish to transfer. On the left side of the screen you will see all crew that are in the tank currently. On each of the crew you wish to transfer, right-click and select, “Send to Barracks”.

Sending any crew from a tank to the Barracks will cause that tank to become unusable. This is noted through the “Crew incomplete” wording written over the tank in the Garage slot or on-screen when the tank is selected.

Navigate to the tank you want the Crew to enter, and provided there is a clear spot, you can left-click the spot and select them from the drop-down box.

After selecting the crew you will be given the option to train them. There are three options associated: Free, Silver, and Gold. Each will train the crew member to a certain percent of their Proficiency. You can always train them later if you don’t have the available funds.

Crew Transfer Limits

Select the right crew member
Select the right crew member

Whenever a crew member is shifted into a new tank, they must be trained for that specific tank and tier. The crew member must also be transferred within the same nationality. For instance, a UK Commander from a Tier 2 tank cannot transfer to an American Tier 2 tank despite having Tier 2 training. However, the UK Commander is free to transfer to another UK tank so long as they undergo the appropriate training. The UK Commander will not only need to be trained for the new Tier level, but also for the specific tank.

For instance, if you have a UK Cruiser Mk I (a Tier 2 Light Tank) and a UK Cruiser Mk 3 (also a Tier 2 Light Tank) you can swap the Crews between them, but the crew will still need retraining for that specific tank.

To train a crew for a specific tank, navigate to their Personal File (by right-click them), then select the Training tab. Under the Training tab you will see a row of tanks beneath the words “Vehicle Type”. These are the different tank types (Light, Medium, Heavy etc). Select the Vehicle Type of the destination tank and then find the specific tank in the drop-down box.

Training and reassigning your crews is complicated at first, but after a bit of fiddling around and experience it will become second nature. Don’t forget to assign your crew their Skills and Perks once they reach 100 percent Proficiency.

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