The T-44-100 Looks Good In Camo

Reddit users flaunt their T-44-00's.

While most players are still working toward unlocking their T-44-100, a few Reddit users are already showing off their awesome paint jobs on their newly acquired tanks. Over on Reddit, a user by the name dagorheth is looking for information regarding the appearance of the T-44-100 with the clan wars camouflage, and from the responses so far, the camouflage is looking slick!

Reddit user Tigeh offers up an imgur album showing off the T-44-100 with the requested camouflage, which significantly boosts the Concealment level of the tank. Dagorheth responds in kind with an image of the current camouflage they have been able to attain, the digital camouflage. Both sets of camouflage are impressive in both their look and their bonuses.

For those not in the know, the T-44-100 is the latest reward for a massive set of missions that span all nations in World of Tanks. The T-44-100 is a USSR Tier 8 Premium Medium tank that is unlocked when players have accumulated several thousand kills and several million points worth of damage in each of the eight nations. It’s no small task that has left some users opting for the easier method of purchasing a nation's ticket in order to bypass several hours’ worth of work.

So far, the T-44-100 is looking both powerful and extremely sleek, especially when you slap on one of the available camouflage textures. How far along have you managed to venture in earning your own T-44-100 and what camouflage do you think you’ll opt for to keep you safe from the spying eye of those pesky Light tanks? The grind to get the T-44-100 is a lengthy process. If you’re looking to chat with people and plan out an attack, you ought to check out our news post that details several Reddit users’ strategies for conquering this task.

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