Benefits of Gold and What You Should Spend It On in World of Tanks

Everything you need to know about Gold and how to use it in World of Tanks.

World of Tanks is a free-to-play game. However, like other free-to-play games, there is a feature where you can use real money to help you along in your World of Tanks career. In World of Tanks, this service is known as Gold and can be used to do multiple things within the game like upgrading to a Premium Account, purchasing tanks, getting more Silver, and even buying cosmetic items.

How to Buy Gold

Clicking the “Purchase” button at the top right corner of the Garage screen will open up the Wargaming Premium Shop in your chosen internet browser. This is where you will be treated with numerous options on how much Gold you wish to purchase as well as any current deals running in the game.

Using the online store you can purchase any amount of Gold that you please, up to 25,000. Once you’ve decided what you want to buy, you can choose several different methods of payment, including VISA, PayPal, American Express and more.

What You Can Get With Gold

The benefits of Gold reach far and wide, as they allow you to do more with your World of Tanks account. Some of the main benefits of Gold include: upgrading to a Premium Account, purchasing Premium Tanks, converting currency and upgrading your armored vehicles.

Premium Account

A Premium Account is one of the most important uses for Gold within World of Tanks, as it increases your earning potential by a large portion. With a Premium Account, each battle you complete will award you with 50 percent more Combat Experience, 50 percent more Silver, and 50 percent more Crew Experience. All of these points work together to increase your researching and buying potential while cutting down on investment time when working toward new tanks. A Premium Account should be your first stop during your first Gold purchase.

Premium Tanks

Premium tanks earn the bacon in battles, as they are able to pull in a larger supply of Experience and Silver per battle than a regular tank. While they do require money to purchase, they aren’t necessarily any more powerful than another tank and won’t grant you an advantage over an opponent who is just plain better than you. One appeal of a Premium Tank is that they can be used to train crew who are trained in another tank type, an aspect of the game you are unable to do in standard tanks.

Premium tanks are also extremely useful in earning Experience and Silver as they reward a higher end-game total than a standard tank. This means when working toward an expensive module or tank, using a Premium tank is a good way of fast tracking your earnings. To maximize this earning potential you can even use a Premium Tank in conjunction with a Premium Account in order to efficiently earn experience and currency. 

Currency Conversion

Gold isn’t just used for purchasing Premium Tanks and Premium Accounts. Gold can also be used to convert some currencies from one form to another. For instance, if you are running low on Silver and don’t want to spend time earning several hundred thousand Silver, you can simply purchase some Gold and exchange Gold for Silver in a 1 to 300 ratio. Thus, if you were to purchase 1,250 Gold and transfer it all to Silver, you would walk away with 375,000 Silver. Gold is also used for transferring Elite Experience earned on Premium Tanks into Free Experience, which is an important part of purchasing and upgrading to new tanks and modules.

Tank Cosmetics

Another fun use for Gold is to change the way any of your favorite tanks look. These changes can be purely cosmetic or have some minor improvement for camouflage and crew performances. Gold can be used to apply camouflage paint to the exterior of your tank - this is different to the Camouflage Net which is a piece of equipment but both still offer improvements to your ability to remain undetected.

You can also purchase decals, emblems, and inscriptions for your tank, some of which offer slight improvements to your crew while others merely add a bit of flair to your vehicle. 

Training Crew

Having a well-trained crew in a tank can make the difference between winning an encounter and losing. By using Gold, you are able to fast track a crew’s training to 100 percent Efficiency, regardless of whether they’re new recruits or have been around for ages. A full crew sitting at 100 percent Efficiency will increase the effectiveness of your skills and perks, making you a real threat on the battlefield.

Special Consumables

Gold is also used in World of Tanks for purchasing Consumables that can be used during combat. These consumables include special shell types that deal different forms of damage, repair kits, and even rations that boost the effectiveness of your crew.

Gold in World of Tanks is a valuable commodity that can alter the way you play the game. Whether you just want a Premium Account to boost experience gains, a new Premium Tank to roll around in, or even just a quick means of training crew, Gold is the answer.  There are a lot of things World of Tanks Premium currency can do, and the more you look into it, the more you’ll come to realize the benefits of purchasing Gold!

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