Sometimes Budgeting Troubles Require Community Input

Figuring out the best ways to save Experience and Silver.

It’s a problem we’ve all faced at one point or another in our World of Tanks career and something that confuses us after each battle no matter how well we believe we played: losing money. One player has taken to Reddit in search of the answers we, as new players, often need in order to stop haemorrhaging Silver whenever we finish a battle. Archtechnician asks the community a question: How am I supposed to save money when I keep losing more than I can earn? So far the responses have been constructive and will definitely help some of the new players learn the ropes.

In one response, user 54jb3r7 states that damage doesn’t linearly equate to Experience and Silver, as it depends on Spotting damage along with other factors. Other tips include ensuring that the auto-resupply is deactivated prior to a match, as each piece of equipment can set you back a pretty penny.

User _ElBee_ suggests checking all the post battle screens, a fact that we have also stated in our guide breakdown of how to understand the post-game screen. By looking at this breakdown, you’ll be able to see where you succeeded or where you failed. One of the most expensive outlays in World of Tanks is repairing a destroyed tank. Every time you die during a battle you are risking a loss as well as the cost of full repairs, whereas if you survive despite receiving a loss, you won’t need to concern yourself with the cost of repairing your vehicle.

Other users have suggested that using a Premium Tank or Account is an excellent method of saving up Experience and Credits as you receive 50 percent more resources than if you were to play using a Standard Account or tank. Any player looking to increase their earnings should heavily consider the benefits of purchasing Gold as well as upgrading to a Premium Account.

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