How to Use Equipment in World of Tanks

Everything you need to know about Equipment in World of Tanks.

This article will fill you in on everything you need to know about what Equipment is, what it does, and the rules for purchasing and mounting Equipment. You have no doubt come to understand the concept of buying modules in World of Tanks and training crew members, but after purchasing tanks, the most expensive aspect of World of Tanks is the Equipment.

What is Equipment?

Equipment consists of several different modules that can be purchased for each tank to improve a tank’s overall stats. Equipment, like modules, are applied to a tank but require no research before being available. All you need to do is supply the Silver. To view a tank’s available Equipment, navigate to the Garage screen and left-click on the second group of boxes beneath the tank.

What Does Equipment Do?

Equipment: Heavy Spall Liner
Equipment: Heavy Spall Liner

Much like how a new engine will affect your speed, a piece of Equipment will affect an aspect of your tank’s performance. Equipment can affect things such as repair speed, aiming speed, camouflage, and crew skill. Unlike Consumables such as the Repair Kit, Equipment lasts forever or until you demount it from your tank.

There are different levels of Equipment for different tank types. While the Spall Liner adds a certain percentage of armor protection from ramming and explosions, there are different versions of the Spall Liner such as the Light and Medium. Each type costs a greater amount of Silver, meaning a different tank is going to cost a different amount of Silver to set up with Equipment than another tank.

Adding and Removing Equipment

There are two forms of Equipment: Removable Equipment and Complex Equipment. Each has their own rules for how to add and remove them, or in the game, mount and demount. To add a module, you need to purchase it or select it from your collection on a tank. A piece of Equipment that is Removable can be demounted and remounted on the next tank you play at no extra cost.

The Removable Equipment includes the Camouflage Net, the Binocular Telescope, and the Toolbox. The other form of Equipment is Complex Equipment that cannot be removed from your tank except through the following methods: pay 10 gold, destroy the equipment, or sell the tank, which will return half the price of the Equipment to your savings. A piece of Complex Equipment is denoted by a Gold Nut on the Equipment icon.

What Equipment Should I Buy?

Equipment: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
Equipment: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

The type of Equipment you ought to purchase for your tank is greatly dependent on the type of tank you are playing as well as the tier level. However, there are some pieces of Equipment that are always worth picking up, namely: Improved Ventilation, Vertical Stabilizer, and Coated Optics.

There are several different types of Equipment that you can purchase that will help to alleviate any pressures you might be facing with your tank. Some tanks have lightly armored or more exposed ammo racks, so the Wet Ammo Equipment can help prevent ammo damage. Other tanks are cursed with an exposed or lightly armored engine, so the Cyclone Filter will help increase your engine’s health pool.

Purchasing Equipment is a hugely expensive endeavor, so if you have a piece of Equipment in mind, it’s a good idea to maximize your earning potential by using a Premium Account or Premium Tank. There are other methods you can use to increase your experience and Silver earning potential that we’ve covered, but the most important part is to play smarter and better.

Before purchasing a piece of Equipment, it’s a good idea to do some research as to whether your tank will benefit from the investment or whether you should put your earnings toward another piece. In World of Tanks, Equipment is an important part in improving your tank, albeit an expensive endeavor that requires a bit of research. Let us know what you think about Equipment and whether you’ve got some tips for new players!


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