The T-34-85M Tank Returns To The World of Tanks Premium Shop

Grab this high-damage medium tank while you can. has brought the T-34-85M medium tank back to the in-game premium shop for a limited time, allowing players to get their hands on one of the most aggressive medium tanks in the entire game.

The T-34-85M is available from today, October 13, to Tuesday, October 24, giving interested buyers two whole weeks to decide on whether they want to add it to their collection. There are three different T-34-85M bundles available in the premium shop, each of which includes the actual tank along with other goodies. The three bundles and their price points are as follows:

T-34-85M Medium Tank
T-34-85M Medium Tank

Standard Bundle - $18.99

The most basic bundle available, this bundle includes both the T-34-85M medium tank and a bonus storage slot for your garage so you can store your new purchase without having to purchase a new garage slot separately.

Fully Loaded Bundle - $29.99

In addition to the T-34-85M tank and extra garage slot, this bundle also includes 1,500 in-game gold, an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, and two bonus upgrades for the T-34-85M: Improved Ventilation and Gun Rammer.

Ultimate Bundle - $49.99

This bundle comes with everything from the previous two bundles, bumps the amount of included in-game gold up to 3,000, and also includes 1,000,000 in-game credits and 30 days of premium account time.

You can find links to buy each of the above three T-34-85M bundles as well as a detailed breakdown of the T-34-85M’s strengths and weaknesses courtesy of this new post on the World of Tanks website.


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