Check Out The Daily and Weekly TankRewards Missions for October 14-24

Earning XP and acquiring mastery badges are key to this week's missions.

Wargaming has just posted the daily and weekly missions for this week, which will allow players to earn TankRewards points starting today, October 14th until Monday, October 24th.

First, there’s a new batch of global missions which went live today and will be sticking around until Friday, October 21st (one week from today). Each of the three missions below will grant one TankRewards point upon completion:

  • TankRewards Daily Mission: Earn 20,000 XP in any tier IV or greater tank (can be completed once per day)
  • Tank Destroyer Weekly: Earn 50,000 XP in any tier IV or greater tank destroyer vehicle (can be completed once per week)
  • Tank Destroyer Platoon Weekly: Earn 50,00 XP in any tier IV or greater tank destroyer while also in an active Platoon (can be completed once per week)

There’s also a new series of mastery challenges that task players with earning the “Ace Tanker” mastery badge while driving certain tanks. In order to earn the Ace Tanker badge for a tank, a player must accrue more XP in a single battle while piloting that tank than the average highest XP amount of all other players who have piloted that same tank within the last seven days.

Earning the Ace Tanker mastery badge for the following tanks between October 14 and October 24 will award a single TankRewards point per badge earned (meaning dedicated players can earn a total of five points if they get all the badges):

  • T25/2
  • AMX 40
  • Churchill Gun Carrier
  • Type 5
  • T-34-85M

Finally, Wargaming is running a few weekend promotions for World of Tanks. From now until next Monday, October 17th, the top ten XP earners on a team will earn double crew XP and the in-game gold price for new garage slots has been cut in half. More information on all of the above additions can be found on the official World of Tanks website.



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