British Cruisers Arrive In World of Warships

Ten new vehicles allow you to fight for Queen and Country. has announced that the Royal Navy’s finest is now a part of the World of Warships experience thanks to the addition of ten different British Cruiser variants.

The ten different British Cruisers which are now available include the Black Swan, the Weymouth, the Caledon, the Danae, the Emerald, the Leander, the Fiji, the Neptune, the Edinburgh, and the Minotaur. According to a press release from, all of the British Cruisers make up for their lack of durability with excellent speed and stealth capabilities, making them the perfect choice for taking down larger vessels. A new post on the World of Warships website also details the unique features every British Cruiser variant has:

  • Starting at tier II, they all have a gun caliber of 152mm. On one hand, this results in a high fire rate, but ballistic properties, penetration, and damage per shell are lower
  • They only mount AP shells, though with excellent ricochet angles and low fuse arming delay time, which will significantly decrease the number of ricochets and over-penetrating hits
  • They lose less speed when turning
  • Starting at tier III, they feature torpedo tubes with enough weapon range, speed and damage to make them a viable main weapon equal to the ship's main battery, not just auxiliary armament
  • Torpedoes can be launched one at a time, which provides new tactical opportunities to choose the direction for every individual torpedo when launching them
  • Average speed, with excellent maneuverability
  • Their hulls lack heavy armor protection and have a relatively high beam. In contrast to their counterparts of the same type, this results in fewer over-penetrating hits (with minimum damage) received from large-caliber shells at close ranges
  • Relatively compact dimensions and are hard to detect
  • The "Defensive AA Fire" consumable is not available for these ships. They're not efficient at AA (with the exception of tier IX–X ships equipped with powerful dual-purpose guns with a long firing range)
  • The "Smoke Generator" consumable is available starting at tier V
  • Choose to see better or remain unseen: starting at tier VIII, the "Surveillance Radar" consumable is available and can be used in place of the Smoke Generator consumable
  • At tier III, the ships gain a "Repair Party" consumable, which becomes even more efficient at tier VIII
Screenshot of British Cruisers in World of Warships
Screenshot of British Cruisers in World of Warships

You can watch a brief preview trailer of the new British Cruisers above. To celebrate the launch of the British Cruisers, is offering a special cache of mystery items to all World of Warships players who reach or have already reached account level 4. You can claim your mystery item cache simply by logging into the game.



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