New World of Warships Event Honors The Battle of Leyte Gulf

Take advantage of limited-time discounts and missions in World of Warships.

In 1944, during the final few months of World War II, US and Japanese naval forces clashed off the coast of the Philippines. This final, decisive four-day battle (October 23-26) eventually ended in a US victory, and was later remembered as the Battle of Leyte Gulf. To commemorate the brave efforts of those serving on both sides of the battle, Wargaming is running a special limited-time event which coincides with the dates of the most memorable naval engagement of World War II.

The Battle of Leyte Gulf event began yesterday, October 23rd, and will run until Thursday, October 27th. While the event is live, the Doubloon price of the USS Atlanta Premium Ship has been cut by 30 percent, and the Japanese Atago Premium Ship has had its Doubloon price reduced by 15 percent.

There are also two different event-specific missions available which task players with taking any US or Japanese ship of at least Tier 3 quality into any PvP or Ranked battle and destroying any ship of the opposing faction (destroying a US ship as a Japanese ship and destroying a Japanese ship as a US ship). Completing each mission awards 500 XP and 25,000 credits, and both missions are repeatable.

More information can be found via this new post from on the World of Warships website. 



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