Reminder: Claim Your Tank Hollow Event Rewards Before November 10

You only have a few more weeks to claim your rewards.

The World of Tanks Halloween-themed event, Tank Hollow, will be ending in about two weeks, which means there’s precious little time left to earn points and claim your rewards.

While the Tank Hollow event is active, you can earn points by completing certain missions and challenges (you can find a full list of the missions that grant points on the World of Tanks website and then redeem those points at

Redeeming points allows you to pick from a selection of three different digital houses to trick-or-treat at, and selecting a house will award you with one of several different in-game prizes including Premium account time, gold, in-game items like repair kits or fire extinguishers, bonus barracks slots, and even a chance at Premium vehicles like the E 25 or Type 59.

The TankRewards website updates point totals every Wednesday, which means you have until Wednesday, November 2nd to earn Tank Hollow points. After that, you have until Thursday, November 10th to redeem the points you’ve earned.

For more on the various World of Tanks events and promotions being held during the month of October, be sure to read our previous TankWarRoom October roundup post.



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