5 Best Tanks in Sci-Fi Games

Some of the best tanks in science fiction games

From the way each tank handles, to the attention to detail in the models, World of Tanks is glorious in its depiction of real-world tanks. But sometimes all you want is a bit of a silly tank to jump into, cruise around in, and generally just blow s*** up. One of the best genres for tanks is sci-fi games, so we've created a list of the five best tanks from sci-fi games!

Metal Slug - SV-001

Super Vehicle Type 001, or more commonly, the Metal Slug
Super Vehicle Type 001, or more commonly, the Metal Slug

Anyone who’s ever been to an arcade will be intimately familiar with the Metal Slug series. There was nothing like sliding a few coins into the machine and playing the sidescroller with a buddy. While the action was fast-paced and full of blood and guts, the real power came in the form of the Slug vehicles you could find hidden as secrets in a level.

Arguably the most iconic vehicle, and the game’s namesake, is the Metal Slug. The SV-001 Metal Slug utilizes a main cannon that uses armor-piercing rounds as well as a smaller, side-mounted machine gun that could be fired extremely quickly. It would chew through a bosses health far quicker than other means. And I mean, it just looks cute.

In terms of gameplay, there was nothing more exciting than stumbling across a secret area that rewarded you with a Metal Slug.

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