Celebrate Veteran's Day in World of Tanks

Daily XP bonuses, discounts, and more.

Considering how much its core premise is based on actual military warfare, it shouldn’t be too surprising that World of Tanks is hosting a series of in-game benefits and bonuses to celebrate Veteran’s Day weekend.

The Veteran’s Day celebration event is now live in World of Tanks and will remain so until Monday, November 14th. While the event is active, the first victory you attain each day will award a massive X5 XP multiplier. Additionally, you can convert standard XP to Crew XP for free at a 1 XP to 10 Crew XP rate.

There are also substantial discounts available in the Premium Shop with 30 percent being taken off the price for all tier VI-VII tanks, and 15 percent off all tier VIII-X tanks. Lastly, if you manage to rack up 125,000 XP as one of the top ten XP earners on your team, you’ll be given a free Light Mk. VIC tank and an exclusive Peace profile emblem.

More information on the World of Tanks Veteran’s Day event can be found on the official World of Tanks website. For more on the latest TankWarRoom coverage, be sure to check out our look at how Wargaming is revising the World of Tanks Fair Play policy.



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