Grab a Pair of French Planes in New World of Warplanes Bundle

Embody the French tenants of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Wargaming is offering a special limited-time bundle for World of Warplanes which allows buyers to nab two French Premium planes at a very tempting price point.

The French Duo bundle is available now and will remain in the World of Warplanes Premium Shop until Wednesday, November 23rd. The contents of the bundle are outlined below:

French Duo Bundle (One Per Account) - $17.99

  • Delanne 10 Tier V Premium Plane
  • SNCASE SE. 100 Tier V Premium Plane
  • Two Bonus Hangar Slots
  • Seven Days Of Premium Account Time
  • Exclusive French Duo Bundle Camouflage
  • Unique French Duo Bundle Nose Art And Emblems

You can purchase the French Duo bundle by heading over to the official Wargaming website.

For more on World of Warplanes, be sure to check out our previous coverage of the ongoing discounts for German non-Premium planes.



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