Score Bonus World of Tanks Gold Through Amazon Payments

An exclusive mission can be accessed as well.

Wargaming is once again teaming up with Amazon to offer a special bonus to players who use the Amazon Payments service to purchase in-game gold for select Wargaming titles.

In order to get the bonus, buyers must use this dedicated link and manually enter the amount of gold they wish to purchase. Depending on how much gold is bought, buyers will get an amount of bonus gold which can be calculated using the scale below:

  • 500 to 8,000 gold – 10% bonus
  • 8,001 to 16,000 gold – 13% bonus
  • 16,001 or more – 15% bonus

As an added incentive, those who purchase any amount of gold through the Amazon Payments offer will also unlock an exclusive in-game mission for World of Tanks which tasks players with winning a single random battle in any premium tank other than the T26E5 or the T26E5 Patriot.

Completing the mission awards an X5 XP multiplier bonus. The gold purchased through the offer can also be used in World of Warplanes and there’s a similar offer available for World of Warships doubloons, but only World of Tanks has the exclusive Amazon Payments in-game mission.

The Amazon Payments offer and exclusive mission are only available in November 22nd so if you want in you better buy some gold sooner rather than later!

For more on World of Tanks, be sure to check out our guide on how to most effectively use Tank Destroyers


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