Create a Custom World of Tanks Skin to Win Prizes

A premium tank and in-game gold are up for grabs.

If you fancy yourself an artist, Wargaming is currently hosting a new contest for World of Tanks which should be right up your alley.

The contest involves creating a custom tank skin for World of Tanks, then posting it to this forum thread. The contest is live as of the time of this writing and will run until Wednesday, November 30th.

Once the submission period has ended, ten different winners will be chosen with the top three winners awarded a T26E5 Patriot premium tank, and the remaining seven winners gifted 1,000 in-game gold.

If you want to enter—but don’t know how to go about creating a custom World of Tanks skin—the video tutorial below courtesy of World of Tanks community contributor Medessec should help.

Note that the video covers how to make a skin for the standard definition version of the World of Tanks client. For instructions on how to convert an SD client skin into an HD client skin, head over to this post on the World of Tanks website.

For more on World of Tanks, be sure to read our previous coverage of the currently available Amazon Payments bonus gold offer.


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