World of Tanks Gets New Swedish Tanks In Update 9.17

Check out all the new vehicles you’ll soon be able to pilot.

World of Tanks’ upcoming 9.17 update will bring with it two brand new types of Swedish tanks, with Wargaming offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the various tanks includes in both types.

The two types will be Mixed Branch and Tank Destroyers. Mixed Branch will be a mixture (or smorgasbord if you prefer) of light, medium, and heavy tanks which cover a range of different tiers:

  • At tier II is the Strv m/38 light tank. It’s a perfect introduction to the line thanks to its balanced stats.
  • Next is the tier III Strv m/40L light tank, which is similar with decent gun elevation/depression and a striking profile.
  • What’s a “Lago”? A solid tier IV medium tank that follows in the tracks of previous tiers.
  • Up from that is the tier V Strv m/42 medium tank. It’s on par with the Sherman M4, T-34, and Pz.Kpfw. IV, but with a remarkable 15° gun depression.
  • Keeping things squarely medium at tier VI is the Strv 74, which sports one of the best guns for its tier.
  • At tier VII is Leo, living up to its name with the best top speed for its tier and the highest damage per shot, making it a real predator.
  • Emil I is a tier VIII heavy tank that borrows the magazine reloading system of the AMX 50 100. However, it has an increased reloading time (3 seconds vs 2.75 seconds) and lower penetration (217 by APCR shells vs. 232 by AP shells). The armor can easily block shots from lower or same-tier opponents. Its relatively small size and great gun depression (12°) makes the Emil I command an array of situations.
  • Fittingly, the Emil II follows at tier IX. It, too, can be compared to a French tank, in this case the AMX 50 120. However, it's smaller and has better frontal turret armor. Its decent gun depression/elevation allows this Swede to sit pretty, away from the heat of battle and pick off foes.
  • At the top of the tree is the tier X heavy tank Kranvagn, about as easy to pronounce as the furniture. Playwise, it sits between the AMX 50B and T57.

Then there’s the Tank Destroyers. These speedy, agile vehicles can pack a surprising punch, which is perfect for when you want to put down enemy tanks quickly. In total, there will be nine new Swedish Tank Destroyer vehicles:

  • The Pvlvv fm/42, Ikv 72 and Sav m/43 (tiers II–IV) are the bread-and-butter low-tier TDs. They deal impressive damage if they secure good vantage point and have allied support to keep them safe. They can't count on their armor, but make up for it with above-average maneuverability and decent guns, while small silhouettes reduce the chance of being spotted. Tiers III–IV can excel by abusing their amazing gun depression and taking unusual positions on uneven terrain. The Sav m/43 can choose from two guns: a more accurate 75mm gun that also has solid pen stats or the DPM-strong, but less accurate 105mm.
  • Sitting at tiers V–VII are three textbook snipers: Ikv 103, Ikv 65 Alt II and Ikv 90 Typ B. They are good on maps with hills and ridges thanks to solid gun depression and elevation angles. The Ikv 103 comes with a set of two 105mm top guns, equipped with HEAT shells. Tiers VI–VII mount monstrous 9cm Bofors guns with respectable penetration. Keep in mind the unreliable armor—stay near teammates who can keep you from the scrap heap.
  • Tiers VIII–X introduce new gameplay mechanics: Travel and Siege modes. Once you reach tier VIII's UDES 03, there’s one simple rule: avoid firing when going at full speed; in Travel mode, it's the worst of its tier (but considerably better at it than its brethren at tiers IX–X). Just find a favorable spot and empty your gun in Siege mode, because that turns the UDES 03 into the most formidable TD tier VIII has ever seen.
  • Top-tier Swedish tank destroyers, the Strv 103-0 and Strv 103B, demand rapid decision making. If you’re in Travel mode, use speed to your advantage and don’t even think about shooting—save it for Siege mode once you’ve secured a good position. With their highly sloped armour, you should be able to bounce shots with uncanny frequency.

For more on the upcoming 9.17 Swedish vehicles, be sure to check out the official announcement page on the World of Tanks website. You can also check out a larger overview of update 9.17 here.

Update 9.17 is still in its Supertest phase. Once that phase is completed, it will transition over into its Public Test phase before its eventual full release.

For more on the latest World of Tanks coverage, be sure to check out our guide on how to properly utilize Tank Destroyers.



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