Best German Tank Lines in World of Tanks

Picking a tank line in World of Tanks can be tricky, so here are the best German tank lines!

The German tank lines can be some of the most enjoyable to venture down for all kinds of players. Part of the appeal of the German tanks is their exceptional accuracy and decent mobility, which can lead to all sorts of amazing long-range shots. However, it can be difficult to know what tank line to focus on. Let's take a look at some of the best tank lines on offer in the German tech tree.

German Light Tank Line

Light tanks currently exist in an odd territory, with Medium tanks trying to push them out of their roles. Despite this, the German Light tank line offers one of the best Light tank experiences in World of Tanks. With fast, nimble, and small Light tanks, these German vehicles often make for excellent active scouts with some even making great passive scouts.

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The Luchs is a German light tank known for its scouting potential.

Though there are three choices to be made early on, the real German Light tank line begins at Tier 4 with the Luchs. This compact little Light tank makes for one of the best active scouts in World of Tanks thanks to its fast speeds and tight turning circle. The best piece of advice for this small Light tank is to grind through its stock modules and upgrade it, as its 3 cm top gun can shred enemy armor.

Tier 5 offers the Leopard, an excellent passive scout, but further along at Tier 7 is the Spahpanzer SP I C or SPIC for short. This is one of the slower Light tanks, but makes up for this sluggishness with great frontal gun depression and high penetration and damage values. This is an outlier in an otherwise fast-paced German Light tank line.

The recently added Rhm. Pzw. is a fast Tier 10 Light tank capable of dishing out its fair share of damage!

A recent World of Tanks update saw the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen added to the end of the German Light tank line at Tier 10. This vehicle is an excellent upgrade from the already powerful Ru 251, and offers one of the best speeds in the game for a Tier 10, coming in at 72km/h forward and 25 backward. Pilots shouldn’t be afraid to use this Light tank’s gun, as it is able to put on the hurt.

The German Light tank lines are fast creatures that are superb choices for players looking for speed and the ability to scout. Just keep in mind that their armor is lacking. Thankfully, these Light tanks carry some powerful weaponry.

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