World of Tanks Update 9.17 Sound Additions and New HD Models

See how sound and visuals are being improved in update 9.17.

World of Tanks’ 9.17 update is right around the corner and Wargaming has taken the time to highlight how the update will improve the game’s audio as well as which tanks will be getting a high-definition facelift.

According to a post made on the World of Tanks website, sound is getting several noticeable improvements in update 9.17.

First, support for both 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems is being added with the game auto-detecting and using them by default whenever available. The delay which occurs between an auto-aim action and its accompanying sound effect is also being done away with.

Now, new sound effects are being added in for when a player hits the ground and collides with a natural obstacle like a building or large stone. Not only will these new sound effects be different for different types of tanks, they’ll also be different based on the severity of the collision, letting a player instantly know how bad the damage is.

As for the new HD models, the following tanks will be updated with new HD textures in update 9.17:

  • Tetrarch
  • VK 28.01
  • Conqueror GC
  • B1
  • Emil
  • KV-2
  • SU-122-44
  • SU-761
  • SU-851

If you want to try out these new sound improvements and HD tanks ahead of their public launch, you can do so now thanks to the newly available public test version of update 9.17.



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