World of Tanks: Blitz Starter Pack Now Available

Get a head-start with this handy bundle.

For a limited time, World of Tanks: Blitz players can purchase a special Starter Pack bundle which contains a number of in-game items and bonuses at a great price.

Despite its name, the Starter Pack bundle isn’t limited to new players, and can be purchased by any player who feels they could use a little in-game boost. The bundle is only available until Wednesday, November 30th, so don’t wait too long if you’re on the fence about buying it.

Starter Pack Bundle - $14.99

  • Ten Bonus Garage Slots
  • 2,450 Gold
  • 200,000 Credits
  • Seven Days of Premium Account Time

Overall, the Starter Pack bundle represents a 60% savings in regards to the entirety of its contents, so if you were thinking about buying any of the bundle’s contents in the past, you might as well treat yourself with a little something extra!

If the bundle encourages you to try out World of Tanks: Blitz for yourself, you should probably know that—in addition to mobile platforms—the game is now available on PC via Steam as well.

The PC version has full cross-play support with the mobile versions, so don’t stress if you have friends playing on a platform different than your own.


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