World of Tanks Thanksgiving Bonuses Start Today

Have some discounts with your turkey.

Today is Thanksgiving, and while you’re busy loading up your plate and getting ready to watch some football, you may want to take a moment to browse through some of the various deals and bonuses that are currently available in World of Tanks as part of the game’s Thanksgiving celebration period.

Starting today and lasting until Monday, November 28th, all World of Tanks players can earn a X3 XP bonus for their first daily win and can also purchase the following items at a 50% discount off both their gold and credits prices:

  • All Equipment
  • All Consumables
  • Emblems & Inscriptions
  • Crew Training & Retraining
  • All Tank Camouflage Patterns

Players can also use the Free XP Conversion system to gain 35 free XP for every one gold spent. Additionally, once per day, players can complete a special exclusive “Feast Together” mission which involves winning ten random battles as one of the top ten XP earners on your team. Completing the Feast Together mission awards a cache of random Premium consumables.

For more on World of Tanks be sure to check out our overview of the game’s upcoming 9.17 update.



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