How to Complete Missions in World of Tanks

Everything you need to know to get started and complete Missions in World of Tanks

In this article, you’ll learn how to complete Missions in World of Tanks, which are markedly different to the Campaign missions we already covered. Read on to learn about how to find and how to understand the requirements for missions in World of Tanks.

Missions and Specials

Under the Missions and Specials tab you will find Missions for the selected tank, Other Missions, and Specials.
Under the Missions and Specials tab, you will find Missions for the selected tank, Other Missions, and Specials.

By clicking the Missions button in the Garage Screen the Missions menu will open up. From within this menu, the Missions and Specials tab reveals the available Missions and Specials. Here, there are three different types of missions.

First, "Missions for the," followed by the select tank display missions specific to your selected tank. Secondly, “Other Missions,” shows a variety of time-sensitive missions that are available for completion using specific tanks, sometimes even Premium tanks. And finally, “Specials,” where any specials are currently on offer, such as discounted tanks.

Missions are typically only available for the duration that an event is running or the missions reset on a daily or weekly basis. For instance, recently there was the T-44-100 event where players could earn a free Premium tank. These missions were available in the Missions and Special tab.

How to Complete Other Missions

"Other Missions" is where you will find missions that are not related to the selected tank. These missions require specific tanks and are for a limited time only.

The "Other Missions" section of the Missions and Specials menu displays rather easy missions to complete, but their requirements are often designed for experienced players with a large selection of tanks. 

When looking at the Other Missions section, it’s important to remember that a few of these missions require specific tanks in order for them to be available for completion.

Click on the individual mission to see its Conditions of success as well as the Requirements. In the image above is the Mission Tier VIII Madness.

This mission is to Win a Battle and to be among the top 10 players on the team by Experience Earned. Therefore, there are two conditions that must be met in order for this mission to be completed, and upon completion, the reward of a Battle Experience Modifier is unlocked.

Be certain to check the Requirements of any mission in the
Be certain to check the Requirements of any mission in the "Other Missions" section. The Tier VIII Madness mission, for instance, requires a Tier 8 Premium tank.

However, before this mission can be selected, the Requirements must first be met. Clicking the Requirement tab will display the tanks that can be used in a mission and whether any are currently available in the Garage. For the Tier VIII Madness mission, only Tier 8 Premium tanks can be used.

In order to complete this mission, a Tier 8 Premium tank must be selected. Once selected, this Mission will automatically be tracked. All that’s left to do is enter the battle, ensure a win is achieved while also being among the top 10 players for Experience earned. When these conditions are met, the reward will be given!

How the Specials Work

Under the
Under the "Specials" section are any discounts currently occurring on non-Premium tanks.

Specials aren’t exactly missions, they are in-game discounts that can be taken advantage of by any users. The Special, “Top of the Tree: Bat.-Chatillon 25 t,” is a discount of 50% to all French tanks down a particular tank line, with the final Tier 10 tank also receiving the discount.

Use of the Specials in the mission menu is handy for players who are looking to expand their selection of tanks and aren’t concerned about what tank lines they might like to venture down.

Most of the Missions and Specials are easy to complete, especially when compared to the Campaign Missions. Remember to check what the mission requirements are along with the conditions of victory before entering a battle to ensure you are fully prepared to complete the mission! If you read this guide, you should now know how to complete missions in World of Tanks.

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