World of Tanks Players Want a Resurgence of Dynamism

For one player, the game feels a little stale.

World of Tanks has built itself up as an established presence in both the strategy-based war game scene and the free-to-play community. However, with such a long track record, the risk of staleness is an ever-present entity. Fortunately, one dedicated player has several ideas on how the game can regain its sense of dynamism.

Redditor Tightr0pe happens to be a serious World of Tanks player who has logged over 10,000 battles spread across a few years of playtime. In a recent thread on the World of Tanks subreddit, Tyghtr0pe outlines the issues they have with the current iteration of the game and what can be done to fix them. The specific issues that Tyghtr0pe brought up include the following:

  • The massive upscaling of tank view range at tier VI and above.
  • The discrepancies between view range and draw range that sometimes grant players an unfair advantage.
  • The limited number of maps which lead to stale map rotations. Tyightr0pe says this issue can be fixed by adding new weather conditions into existing maps.
  • The somewhat overpowered nature of artillery class vehicles.
  • The difficulty in recovering from crew injuries and module damage. Again, Tyghtr0pe offers a simple solution by suggesting that repair and medical consumables should be usable multiple times during a match.

Judging by the comments in Tyghtr0pe’s thread, not everybody agrees with the above assessments and potential changes, though none seem to argue that World of Tanks could do with a fresh injection of dynamic content. We’re hoping Wargaming is listening to suggestions posited by players like Tyghtr0pe and use them to shape future World of Tanks updates.

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