Redditors Weigh In on World of Tanks' AMX 12t Tank

The engine seems to be a in a bad place.

The meta of viable tanks in World of Tanks is an ever-shifting entity with some tanks naturally being favored over others. However, there seems to be one tank in particular that the game’s Reddit community (or at least a vocal minority within it) has unanimously said needs some work—the French AMX 12t light tank.

Going by the account of Redditor InTheNameOfScheddi, the AMX 12t is a bit of a disaster due to its constantly dying engine, unbalanced power/weight ratio, and inability to reliably reach top speed.

One commenter suggested that buffing the AMX’s acceleration stat from its current tier VI to tier VIII would certainly make it more viable, and InTheNameOfScheddi responded directly in agreement.

Other commenters voiced their doubts, stating that an acceleration boost for the AMX 12t would cause more problems than it fixed, with one commenter even shared some insight into the real problem making the AMX 12t such an unappealing choice—its engine placement.

You see, the AMX 12t has an abnormally thin hull, even by normal light tank standards. Since the tank’s engine is front-mounted, that means that taking a direct frontal hit from a high caliber gun has a much higher chance of damaging the engine than it does for most other tanks (even light tanks).

Hopefully Wargaming has a plan to eventually address the AMX 12t’s shortcomings. In the meantime, if you just can’t live without your favorite French light tank, do your best to not get hit (particularly on your front).

If you enjoy the French AMX series of tanks but light tanks aren’t your cup of tea, Wargaming is also currently hosting a number of bundle deals for the AMX M4-49 heavy tank and its new Liberte variant.  


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