December TankRewards Helps Support Toys For Tots

How you can earn points and help kids in need this holiday season.

Wargaming is working to make the holidays a little brighter for kids in need by teaming up with the Toys for Tots charity during the month of December.

For every new user who logs into the TankRewards website for the first time, Wargaming will put one dollar towards its overall goal of $10,000.

Wargaming will donate all of the money earned via the TankRewards promotion to Toys for Tots on December 31st—regardless of how much there is. Additionally, Wargaming is offering an added incentive for players to hit the $10,000 mark early.

A series of in-game prizes will be awarded to players throughout December as they meet certain TankRewards point thresholds. If the $10,000 mark is hit before December 31st, all players who reach level one on the prize track (which can be reached by earning at least five TankRewards points) will receive three 50% credit-based personal reserves in addition to the base level one prize of a standard supply crate. The full list of December TankRewards missions and prize levels can be found below.


  • (Dec. 2nd-Jan. 9th) Daily Mission: Earn one point each day by accruing at least 20,000 XP in any tier IV or higher vehicle.
  • (Dec. 2nd-12th) Tank Mastery Missions: LTTB, M46 Patton, 110, and Tortoise.
  • (Dec. 9th-19th) Tank Master Missions: T71, 121, Conqueror, and Rhm-Borsig.
  • (Dec. 16th-26th) Tank Master Missions: 59-16, Cromwell, E100, and AMX 50 Foch.
  • (Dec. 23rd-Jan. 2nd) Tank Master Missions: AMX 13 90, T-54, T32, and Charioteer.

Prize Levels

  • Level One (Five Points): Standard Supply Crate.
  • Level Two (Ten Points: Choice of Standard Supply Crate Or Personal Reserves.
  • Level Three (20 Points): Choice of Equipment or Standard Supply Crate.
  • Level Four (30 Points): Choice of Bundled Premium Tank and Personal Reserves or Standard Supply Crate.
  • Level Five (40 Points): Deluxe Supply Crate.

More information on the Toys for Tots promotion can be found on the World of Tanks website.

For more on the latest World of Tanks coverage, be sure to read our guide on how to participate in TankRewards events.


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